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Experience the Power of Dry Ice Cleaning, Detailing and Restoration

Cars and Trucks Dry Ice Blasting

Dry ice blasting is a versatile and highly effective cleaning method extensively employed in the cleaning, detailing, and restoration of cars and trucks. It offers a non-abrasive, environmentally friendly solution for removing contaminants from various automotive components and surfaces.  Additionally, it proves invaluable for removing paint, rust, grease, and other harsh residues from car bodies, engine parts, and undercarriage.

The unique sublimation property of dry ice ensures that no secondary waste is generated during the cleaning process, and the absence of abrasive materials helps prevent damage to delicate automotive surfaces. With its ability to achieve thorough and residue-free cleaning, dry ice blasting has become essential for maintaining automobiles’ aesthetic and functional aspects.

Use Cases: Cleaning

Use Cases: Detailing

Use Cases: Restoration

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Ridge Brothers Your Trusted Dry Ice Solutions Partner in Chicago

Dry Ice Cleaning $150 USD

Discover the magic of non-abrasive, non-toxic cleaning that efficiently eliminates grime without creating secondary waste, keeping your machinery in peak operational performance.

Dry Ice Blasting $150 USD

Safeguard your sensitive equipment with our cutting-edge dry ice blasting services, designed for intense cleaning without causing any damage.

Mixed Media Blasting $150 USD

Unlock the benefits of our customizable mixed media blasting, providing adaptable cleaning solutions for stubborn dirt and residues across various industries.

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